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Med Kit is a type of Healing Consumable in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The Med Kit is an upgraded version of the First Aid Kit, it can heal the player instantly to 100% of HP, no matter how much HP they have when they use it. Med Kit's take 8 seconds to use, making it the longest timer in the game and like all Consumables, the player haves to stand still to use it (on the ground or in a car).

Med Kit's is the only item in the game, that can heal the player to full HP, over the 75% by its self.

Med Kits are a rare find in the game, so better make it count.

Tips Edit

  • When the player is using it, the player can start moving (walking, running, or drive) when the timer is at .5 seconds and still receive healing.

Patch changes Edit

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